3615 Kirchoff Rd  

Rolling Meadows, IL 60008  


                We are trying to have visitations/funerals under new guidelines

Foremost, if you have a fever, experience a persistent cough, and/or have difficulty breathing, then please do not  attend today’s service and instead consult your physician.


At this time there is an occupancy limit of no more then 50 people in the funeral home.


You may be asked to wait outside, remain at least six feet from others following social-distancing guidelines until the occupancy goes down.


All that wish to enter this facility must wear a face mask or covering at all times while in the funeral home.


Follow social-distancing guidelines:

 ~ Do not kiss, hug or shake hands with other attendees.

 ~ Remain at least six feet from others at all times.


Wash your hands frequently and/or use a provided hand sanitizer.

~Hand sanitizer is located at the register book table, which you must use before

  signing the book and there is hand sanitized located at the door as you exit the



Once you have had a chance to pay your respect to the family please exit the facility so that others may also have a chance to pay their respects to the family.


Please know that while the CDC has said there is no COVID-19 risk posed by the body of someone who has died, it recommends not touching, kissing or having direct contact with the body of your loved one.


During the funeral/memorial service, please choose a seat that follows social-distancing guidelines. We have deliberately spaced our chairs farther apart than normal to conform to the current recommended social-distancing guidelines. People from the same household may sit together but social-distancing from others.

Services for this week

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Evelyn M. Fell


Frank P. Kubiak

Danny Newell

Full Service Funerals 


Memorial services 


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